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Late Fees

Neither LNS, SavvyBillPay.com nor any other party involved in creating, producing or delivering this site shall be liable for any late fees , late charges or any other fees or charges associated with any payment made or attempted to be made through this site. It is the sole responsibility of each user that their bills are paid on time. SavvyBillPay.com and LNS take no responsibility for the performance of third parties involved in the processing, shipment or delivery of checks processed through this site.


Users of this site are not entitled to refunds for any fees or charges associated with transactions placed on SavvyBillPay.com. Users are not entitled to refunds for fees or charges associated with processed transactions which include any inaccurate or incorrect information knowingly or unknowingly inputted by the user.

Canceled or Modified Transaction Costs

In the event that any transaction that a user has authorized needs to be cancelled or modified for any reason, the user agrees to pay any and all charges associated with the cancellation or modification, including any charges associated with the cancellation or voiding of checks. Users are entitled to a refund for the bill amount (excluding all SavvyBillPay.com fees) for transactions canceled while still in the "Order Processing" stage of fulfillment. Users are not entitled to any refund, for either the bill amount or any associated fees, for orders which have progressed beyond the "Order Processing" stage.

Payments and Payees

Neither SavvyBillPay.com nor LNS make any claims around any payee's willingness or ability to accept payments initiated through SavvyBillPay.com. Users are responsible for any fees and or charges that arise from a payee not accepting a payment made using this site. Users involved in a dispute with a payee, will need to contact the payee directly.

Users can only use SavvyBillPay.com to make payments to businesses. Users are forbidden from making payments to non-business entities including themselves or any member of their immediate or extended family using SavvyBillPay.com. Neither SavvyBillPay.com nor LNS is responsible for any billing or payment errors.

No Cash Advances

You agree not to place orders for payments that could reasonably be interpreted as providing yourself a cash advance from your credit card and agree not to assist other users to engage in behavior that could reasonably be interpreted as providing themselves a cash advance from their credit cards. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, paying someone through SavvyBillPay.com and then receiving the funds back from the recipient of the payment.


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